Masaryk University Career Services for Foreign Students

19. 5. 2021, Autor: MU Career Centre

Are you looking for a job? Career Centre can help you

Are you looking for occasional extra income, a part-time job, or do you want to fully embark on a career in the Czech Republic? This article will present services offered by the Masaryk University Career Centre. In the following paragraphs, we will focus on the basics of finding a job in this country. We will give you some specific tips, and we will also introduce you to the Career centre counselling services, which you can use if you need more guidance. 

Finding a job can be quite challenging for international students. Offers for paid work are often only in the Czech language. Yet, there is certainly no shortage of foreign language positions in Brno. A good first step can be to create and fill out your LinkedIn profile. Among the job offers offered by this social network, you can easily find those written in English. After thoroughly filling in the profile, you can also build your network of contacts and increase your chances that the right offer will reach you. 

Job portals are often loaded with Czech. An alternative way can be to search directly with employers. In particular, large international companies usually present their offers in English. You can select a company directly based on your interest and see if they currently have any job openings. Examples of such companies in Brno are Red Hat, IBM, Honeywell, or Kiwi. Similar companies have career pages that are created with regard to those who do not speak Czech. Besides, these are just a few examples – there are many similar employers in Brno, so it’s good to first think about what area you would like to work in. 

A career centre can also help you if you are not yet sure about your career direction or you are just thinking about a change. We offer career consultations, where you will meet a career counsellor who will give you full attention. We will guide you to the next steps that will help your career flourish. If you are interested in an individual session with a career counsellor, send us a message via Facebook or an email to  

In addition, we can assist you with creating your personal CV. It is inextricably linked to a job search; therefore, it is really important to have a suitable CV for the Czech labour market. As part of career consultations, we will help you create your first CV or advise on how to improve the one you already have. During your personal session, a career counsellor will show you how to properly introduce your experiences and what your CV should contain to be interesting for HR specialists. 

Whether you are interested in any help with orienting yourself on the Czech labour market or not, you are more than welcome to contact us at the email address, where we can discuss further details. Services of the Career Centre are free of charge.  

We look forward to seeing you!

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